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The Shift With Talmar Anderson

This is your "go to" page if you are new to the membership or you are struggling in the moment of being the boss your company deserves. Use these 12 Fundamental Shifts to set yourself, your company and your team up for growth and success!

It’s time to get your sh*ft together!


The Sh*ft #1: YOUR Job

Start HERE! Talmar Anderson introduces you to the first piece of your shift.  It sets up the foundation for your growth.



In this video, Talmar lays out the difference between filling the gap and scaling on purpose.

The Sh*ft #5: Requirements List

In this video, Talmar challenges you to stay true to what each position, and your company, need.


The Sh*ft #6: Reference Check

In this video, Talmar reminds you that the Boss is the company’s champion and should require people prove they are worthy to join your team.


The Sh*ft #7: First Day

In this video, Talmar explains how a Boss can make sure your new employees do not feel like an afterthought!


The Sh*ft #8: Onboarding

In this video, Talmar motivates you to step into your Boss role by giving each employee the whole picture.


The Sh*ft #9: The Decider

In this video, Talmar shows us how the benefits of a team includes more brains to share the load.


The Sh*ft #10: Written Communication

In this video, Talmar explains how written communication can both protect the company AND allow employees a sense of security.


The Sh*ft #11: The Time in Team

In this video, Talmar suggests that a Boss that regularly gets the team to share time can expect even better returns!


The Sh*ft #12: No Gold watches required!

In this video, Talmar reveals the big “aha” on the reality of hiring. May all of us Bosses have to spend our days dealing with this due to our success!