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Like a Boss!  

Congratulations!  Now you can officially say You Have Got Your SH*FT Together!” You just set your company up for success by finishing The SH*FT! Now you know to:

  • Prioritize your company’s needs through team development.

  • Take time to look forward and consider what roles can successfully be filled and the types of skills needed within your company.

  • Consistently and purposefully only let the best possible people work for your company and you!

  • Remember CONVENIENCE is never a requirement for any position!

  • Plan how you will verify and qualify that an employment candidate will be successful in your company

  • Plan how you will welcome and educate new employees on what it means to work in YOUR company and with your kick-ass team!

  • Always be looking to meet, connect and attract your next hires because I wish success for you.

Successful Bosses have successful companies that will always need to be recruiting! Now PRINT THIS and post it where you see it every day!

Next steps….

Familiarize Yourself with the rest of the site!

If you are writing your employment ads and job description…

  • Jump over to the Ready. Aim. HIRE! Course that is a bonus for our Founding members!

If you are getting ready to make an employment offer

If you have specific questions for Talmar

If you are managing staff and looking at some future difficult conversations...

Need more resources?

  • Check Out our Resources page and search articles, templates, documents and webinar videos by topics!

Need to know that you are not crazy and that others really are going through all the same things?  

And remember, for the life of your Boss Actions Membership you will have access to The SH*FT! As your business grows you may need some of this again! We got your back because now Boss Actions is part of YOUR kick-ass team!

Now GO! Grow!