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Ahhhhh, YA!   

Wasn’t it kind of great to sit back and acknowledge that THIS is why we built our own company?  We want to decide who we work with every day.  And now you see. No one but YOU can define what you will enjoy and what kind of people you want along with you on this journey. You see what is needed in your business for your clients, for you and for your business.

Now we get religious in defending it.

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Do not accept good enough. You deserve better. Your company deserves the best possible person.

Attracting the right team is about knowing what “right” is for your business and the position and being willing to acknowledge when a candidate is NOT going to fit your requirements!  As THE Boss you have now identified what kind of people will contribute to your joy factor, your company’s success and bring the “kick-ass” to your kick-ass team!  This is also one of the ways your company is unique!

Let’s go to the next Stage. Stage 4 is On-Boarding for Success.